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woman in the fitness gim working out with personal trainer coach


I was chatting to a newly minted personal trainer the other day and in my avuncular way (look it up, oh all right it... Read More >>


PT Academy End of Financial Year Sale June 2019

June is the end of our Fiscal Year, and we’re celebrating our own sort of “Happy New Year” by having a very special... Read More >>

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Are Food and Exercise Remedies for Mental Health Treatment?

Gut Feeling: How Diet Can Effect Mood Disorders Read More >>


YBell Training Course at PT Academy

Aaron Laurence has trained thousands of people, working as a personal trainer for over a decade on the sweeping expanse... Read More >>


When Should I Open My Own Gym?

If you’re a personal trainer who’s had a lot of success, have a full client list, and have worked and trained long... Read More >>