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Your Ultimate Guide of Being a Personal Trainer

  What Does a Personal Trainer Do?


What’s the Future of Personal Training?

The fitness industry in Australia has shown significant growth over the past five years, owing largely to an... Read More >>


Can I Become a Part Time Personal Trainer?

Being a personal trainer can be an incredibly rewarding career in many different ways. Fulltime trainers make a good... Read More >>

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Become a Personal Trainer in Your 30s

It may seem a bit unfair, but most of us don’t discover our true passion early in life. We go through our teenage years... Read More >>

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How long does it take to become a Personal Trainer?

If you’re considering becoming a personal trainer, acquiring a Certificate III in Fitness is the place to start. A... Read More >>

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Self-Myofascial Release with TriggerPoint

Myofascial Release of the Adductor Magnus and the Bicep Femoris Read More >>