At-Home Sessions

Among the latest trends in personal fitness is at-home personal training, an answer to how many personal trainers are gaining independence and starting their own businesses. Rather than aligning with a gym or fitness center, personal trainers that choose to offer at-home sessions are able to set their own hours, create their own atmosphere, and help people change their lives all while continuing their professional careers.

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What is At-Home Personal Training?

At-home personal training involves a personal trainer working with clients either in their own home or traveling to the homes of the clients. In both cases, the personal trainer is an independent business owner, no longer affiliated with a gym or some other fitness organization. As a business owner, an at-home personal trainer will be liable for all things occurring during sessions and will pay for and maintain all equipment used during sessions. While the initial expense of at-home personal training may seem like a hefty investment, the freedom and earning potential awarded to you by the transition may be worth it.

Benefits of At-Home Personal Training

At-home personal training can give you the kind of freedom you have always dreamed of, and can give you the opportunity to expand your business and increase your profits. Developing your own at-home personal training business can give you the opportunity to build a client base, one that won’t be lost if you no longer are compatible at a particular gym. With control over your schedule, your rates, and the work you do, at-home sessions are an exciting trend for personal fitness in 2020 that we can’t wait to watch!

Set Your Own Schedule

When you work for a privately owned gym or fitness center, you are limited by their space and hours. While gyms are excellent places for people interested in working out in large groups or getting some solo time in, they don’t make great spaces for personal training sessions. Working one-on-one with a client can be difficult in a noisy or crowded environment, and waiting for equipment or feeling rushed by other gym patrons can interrupt the workout flow.

By offering at-home sessions, you can have more control over your own schedule, set your own hours, and have more privacy to instruct and guide your clients. Be warned, setting your own schedule won’t mean easier days, you might end up working 12 hours a day or more as you start to get your business running, but you will have the freedom to work within your own constraints and the limits you set for yourself.

Set Your Own Rates

One of the most frustrating parts of being a personal trainer is entering a new position and returning to a starting salary. We have heard countless stories of personal trainers with years of experience accepting lower rates than they should truly be paid in order to gain the security of a position with a gym. These positions also often cap your earning potential, preventing you from rising beyond the clientele of the gym.

At-home training can allow you to charge rates that match your experience and expertise, rather than forcing you to take an entry-level position or compromise on your prices for the sake of a job. At-home personal training is also often favored by wealthier clientele, and as you advance, you’ll be able to increase your rates to match top personal trainers in the industry.

Higher Earning Potential

Because you won’t be capped by a private gym or fitness institution, you’ll be able to reach a higher earning potential. Your clientele will likely be wealthier and interested in private training in a discrete setting, enabling you to price your services accordingly. Keep in mind, your initial investment for equipment may set you back a little, but the chance to increase your earnings exponentially can make up for it.

Shorter Commute

The ability to work from your own home is one many people would jump at, and we must admit, a zero minute commute does sound appealing! While some clients may prefer to train in their own home, many will love the opportunity to come workout in private using your equipment in your home. An at-home setting can also help you to create a more confident and comfortable experience for anxious clients, assisting in the holistic side of personal training.

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