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Foam Rolling for Mobility and Stability

How To Program Mobility and Stability Training Circuits

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The Complexity in the Simplicity

While facilitating the Level One Animal Flow Course over the weekend, I asked the group at the start of day two, what... Read More >>


Same Same, But Different: Variability in Training

Functional Training: This term is everywhere in the fitness industry. The definition of it is also highly interpretive!... Read More >>


Movement In 3-D

Movies, seen both in 2-D and 3-D, provide a great analogy for how we can best use fitness and movement. You can see the... Read More >>


A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Holiday Fitness

Have you ever been away on holiday for a decent duration and came back carrying a few extra kgs? Were you just a little... Read More >>


Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, What's The Difference?

One of the newer ways we are starting to assess someones preparedness to train is by using Heart Rate Variability... Read More >>


TRX Suspension Training, No Injuries, Where's The Evidence

I was very excited recently to see that our friends at the Australian Fitness Network had released an article about... Read More >>


Feets of strength!

Yes - that was a spelling mistake, but it was done on purpose. Let's talk about your feet! Read More >>


Hands Up!

Pop quiz: What structures are involved in EVERY Olympic lift AND most exercises in a gym setting? Read More >>


Keep pulling that face and it’ll get stuck that way!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d pull a face, and someone (usually your mother) would state that if you... Read More >>

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