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Personal Training Academy announces strategic partnership with PT Enhance

My how time flies! When my husband Dominic and I moved from New York City where we were PT Managers at Crunch Fitness... Read More >>

Adaptability – From the USA World of Group Fitness Programming

I've been hearing how amazing and resilient fitness industry legends from around the world are adapting to this new... Read More >>

There is no perfect workout, there is no perfect meditation

In the space of only a few weeks, my life and the lives of everyone on the planet were dramatically altered by COVID... Read More >>

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Power Up with PT Academy’s Personal Trainer Mentoring Program

How connecting with other personal trainers and helping each other can grow your business Being a personal trainer has... Read More >>


5 Reasons Why Yoga Instructors Make Great PTs

A funny thought came to mind on Saturday when I was in a downward dog.  I’d been to this yoga class 100 times, and I... Read More >>


The 5 Secrets to Lasting Motivation

 Do you know what you want to achieve? Have you ever pushed towards a goal and lost steam? Perhaps you need lasting... Read More >>

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Say To Your Client article image by PT Academy

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Say To Your Client

Ah the wonderful PT-client relationship, filled with positive talk, motivation, mutual trust and respect. Or so you’d... Read More >>


What Do Hairdressers And Personal Trainers Have In Common?

Bec Needs Working Her Magic!   As a fitness professional, I often look outside of our industry for lessons, ideas and... Read More >>