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Helping Clients Rewrite Their Stories

At PT Academy, we have made it our mission to educate fitness professionals at every level to give them the tools they... Read More >>

Understanding Mindset for Personal Training

Your job is to make a personal connection. It says it right in the name: Personal Trainer. You work with individuals to... Read More >>

Overcome Mindset Blocks

Many of us mistakenly believe that if we want something enough, we will be able to achieve it, but in truth, becoming... Read More >>

Is Your Mindset a Handbreak Or An Accelerator?

A common pitfall of overeager and under-experienced fitness instructors is to place all the responsibility to exercise... Read More >>

Tips to Help You Exercise After Pregnancy

Some people can’t wait to get back to the gym after having a baby, but for others, the idea of exercising after being... Read More >>

Amazing Reasons to Exercise During Lockdown

Months into COVID-19 lockdown, many of us have already exhausted our list of usual homebound activities, which means... Read More >>

Pregnancy and Exercise

There is a strange belief that exists in some circles that exercising while pregnant isn’t safe, or could somehow hurt... Read More >>

5 Tips to Start a Fitness Journey

Health and wellness is an extremely personal topic, one that can elicit responses ranging from enthusiastic to... Read More >>

Cardio Workout at Home

With social distancing measures being enforced in communities around the world, many fitness enthusiasts have had to... Read More >>

Which Skills Do You Need to Become a Gym Manager?

A career in fitness is something that lots of people dream of, but few people take the steps to pursue. While excellent... Read More >>

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