Cardio Workout at Home

With social distancing measures being enforced in communities around the world, many fitness enthusiasts have had to get a little creative in order to get in their regular workout routines. Due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, gyms, fitness centers, and local health clubs have been forced to shut down, and even outdoor venues have been closed to avoid overcrowding. Without access to gyms and open outdoor spaces, our living rooms have become our gyms! 

Today, we’re focusing on cardio, and sharing four of our absolute favorite ways to get the heart pumping at home: 


The TRX system (or total resistance exercises) was developed by a former US Navy SEAL, and involves suspension and resistance exercises for a total body workout. TRX movements can be combined with HIIT principals for an amazing cardio session, and the equipment can be used even in small spaces like apartments or in a small bedroom! Here are three great TRX moves you can add to your home cardio routine: 

  1. One-leg burpees
  2. High row squats
  3. Mountain climbers


If you have a device with a screen, access to YouTube, and even an ounce of rhythm, you can get your daily cardio in with one of the thousands of dance workout routines available. There are tons of certified personal trainers and dance instructors sharing their favorite workout routines, choreographed dances, and Zumba-esque warmups. Don’t underestimate dancing just because it’s fun - a good 30-minute dance workout can have you feeling the burn the next day!


If the word “burpees” sends shivers down your spine, or sends you back to a particularly hard day at the Crossfit gym, you’re not alone: burpees aren’t necessarily the most ‘fun’ exercise you can do. That said, burpees are an amazing way to get in a total body workout with a single move, and can even substitute as an occasional cardio routine. Burpees require zero equipment and can be done in both small and narrow spaces - just be sure you are using proper form to avoid any injury or strain. 


Kickboxing is a super effective cardio workout that can be done at home without any equipment, even though having a bag (or person) to spar with does make this workout a little more exciting. Kickboxing involves a series of specific movements including kicks, jump rope techniques, punching, and other defensive motions. Like dance and TRX exercises, there are lots of resources online to help you learn kickboxing at home. 

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