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Guest Blog - The Voice Behind The Belly Button, Assertive

One of the most vital keys to life, your Mental Toughness and getting what you want is being assertive. Read More >>


The 5 Secrets to Lasting Motivation

 Do you know what you want to achieve? Have you ever pushed towards a goal and lost steam? Perhaps you need lasting... Read More >>


A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Holiday Fitness

Have you ever been away on holiday for a decent duration and came back carrying a few extra kgs? Were you just a little... Read More >>


How To Get Yourself Organised To Eat Well

Most of you know what you need to do to eat better: quit over-eating the sugary, starchy carbs, increase your intake of... Read More >>

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Say To Your Client article image by PT Academy

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Say To Your Client

Ah the wonderful PT-client relationship, filled with positive talk, motivation, mutual trust and respect. Or so you’d... Read More >>


A PTA Student Shares Some Studying Tips

A PTA Student Shares Some Studying Tips


Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, What's The Difference?

One of the newer ways we are starting to assess someones preparedness to train is by using Heart Rate Variability... Read More >>


What Do Hairdressers And Personal Trainers Have In Common?

Bec Needs Working Her Magic!   As a fitness professional, I often look outside of our industry for lessons, ideas and... Read More >>


Can You Really Study To Be A PT, Work And Be A Mum?

Since I’ve been studying my Certificate III in Fitness I’ve discovered there’s a wide range of people doing the same... Read More >>


LOVE and Movement: Partner Training!

February 14th, of course, is St Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you see it as a chance to show your sweetheart... Read More >>