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Simple Tips for Creating Personal Training Client Rates

Developing a reputation as a personal trainer is one thing; determining what to charge your clients is a whole other... Read More >>

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Top 5 Australian Fitness Influencers You Have to Follow Now on Social Media

If you’re looking to make it big in the personal training industry, you have to have the right role models to look up... Read More >>

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10 Fitness Trends In 2020

We are quickly approaching the end of 2019. As we hurtle toward New Year, most people will begin planning their New... Read More >>

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Simple Steps for Success: Becoming an Online Personal Trainer

When it comes to workout plans, we look for two things in particular: Convenience and effective results. Whether it is... Read More >>

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Top Interview Tips to Score Your Next Personal Training Gig

With the hard part of studying and exams over, it is now time to enter the real world and get your first personal... Read More >>

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A Personal Trainer's Guide To Building A Client Base

Congratulations! You’ve completed all the necessary requirements and have now earned the title of Certified Personal... Read More >>

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Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive: Learn the Fitness Skills & Get Results for Everyone

Fitness and healthy lifestyles are as unique as people. That’s because everyone has varying nutritional and workout... Read More >>



"All those, however, of any age who woo health for health's sake, and whose bodies are made and kept in the best... Read More >>

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Roll Out For a Better Run

While building muscle for speed and endurance is important, so is taking care of the fascia. Muscles in body are... Read More >>

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How much does it cost to open a fitness center?

In recent years, fitness centers have become increasingly popular. People are much more aware of their health and as a... Read More >>

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