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When Should I Open My Own Gym?

If you’re a personal trainer who’s had a lot of success, have a full client list, and have worked and trained long... Read More >>


10 Reasons to Hire a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal fitness trainer is someone who can help you train and exercise. It doesn’t matter the type of sport or... Read More >>


Lessons Learnt from my first years as PT

Getting your Certificate 3 and 4 If a career in physical fitness is something that appeals to you, or if you’ve always... Read More >>


Tips to Earn More Money as a Personal Trainer

The fitness industry growth rate is 2.6% worldwide. If you’re a personal trainer, especially one who’s just getting... Read More >>

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When it comes to finding the perfect job, new research* shows it’s not all about the money. With as many as 80,000... Read More >>


Successful People / Cases

The personal training industry is growing quickly. As more people across the globe become aware of the benefits... Read More >>


Technical Skills for Fitness Professionals

Your love for fitness, health, and nutrition may qualify you to be a personal trainer. Due to the freedom and time this... Read More >>

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Retention of Personal Trainers

Want to become a successful personal trainer? A career as a personal trainer is an interesting one. It’s also one of... Read More >>


10 Tips to Improve Your Time Management

Time management is a difficult skill for most people to master, even those who might seem to have it together. If you... Read More >>

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5 Common mistakes Personal Trainers are making on social media

When you’re a personal trainer social media is instrumental in growing your business. It’s important you take the time... Read More >>

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