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Step by Step Guide to Opening Your Gym

Starting your own gym requires many long, hard hours of work, but if you follow the appropriate steps, it can be a... Read More >>

The 10 Best Health, Wellness and Fitness Documentaries on Netflix

At PT Academy, we eat, live, breathe, and sleep fitness, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy an afternoon in front of... Read More >>

The Best Fitness Apps for 2020

It may feel counterintuitive to turn to a screen for your health and wellness advice, but in truth, there are some... Read More >>

Your Ultimate Guide to Promote Your PT Business


Best Health and Fitness Podcasts 2020

At PT Academy, we are always chasing the next big thing in fitness, and right now, it’s podcasts! No, we are not... Read More >>

The Benefits of Health Focused Wearable Fitness Technology

Like many of the pieces of tech we now take for granted, wearable technology once seemed like something straight out of... Read More >>

Personal Trainer Job Description: What You’ll Do

If you have a passion for fitness, health, and exercise, you may have considered becoming a personal trainer. Working... Read More >>

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Power Up with PT Academy’s Personal Trainer Mentoring Program

How connecting with other personal trainers and helping each other can grow your business Being a personal trainer has... Read More >>


Simple Tips for Creating Personal Training Client Rates

Developing a reputation as a personal trainer is one thing; determining what to charge your clients is a whole other... Read More >>

Portrait of a fitness man using smartphone in gym. Focus on smartphone

Top 5 Australian Fitness Influencers You Have to Follow Now on Social Media

If you’re looking to make it big in the personal training industry, you have to have the right role models to look up... Read More >>

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