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Same Same, But Different: Variability in Training

Functional Training: This term is everywhere in the fitness industry. The definition of it is also highly interpretive!... Read More >>

Are you stressing away your results?

Google ‘the effects of stress on exercise’. There is a multitude of articles, papers and blogs that come up. Chronic... Read More >>


Let's Talk Money - Hey Personal Trainers, Have You Done The Math?

You don’t have to give up your dream lifestyle to pursue your passion of being a Personal Trainer. Martin Henry wraps... Read More >>


Let's Talk Money - What Should You Charge As A Personal Trainer?

Base your rate on the market; not the perception of your worth Read More >>


Let's Talk Money - Can Personal Trainers Make A Good Living?

Are you considering becoming a personal trainer?


Improve your boxing for fitness sessions!

As a fitness professional, you’re probably aware that many clients love putting on some boxing gloves and hitting the... Read More >>


What to do when your confidence takes a hike

It Is Normal Sport and fitness performance is never linear. We all get into ruts. I can speak to it first hand. Read More >>


Movement In 3-D

Movies, seen both in 2-D and 3-D, provide a great analogy for how we can best use fitness and movement. You can see the... Read More >>


Wearable Devices - The Talk Of The Town But Will They Stick Around?

Fitness monitoring has taken off: our wrists are now decorated with the latest and greatest wearable devices. Steps,... Read More >>


Wear Red AND Workout on February 14 - Support Heart Research Australia


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