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The 10 Best Health, Wellness and Fitness Documentaries on Netflix

At PT Academy, we eat, live, breathe, and sleep fitness, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy an afternoon in front of... Read More >>


4 Reasons to Literally “Trust Your Gut”: The Link Between Gut Health and Brain Function

Have you ever had a gut feeling or felt butterflies in your stomach? We experience these sensations when we have a big... Read More >>


Personal Training Tips: Make Macrocycles Work For You and Your Client

Macro-nutrients, also known as Macros, are a hot topic in the fitness world. Did you know there is another type of... Read More >>


The Six-Pack Mindset

Let’s instill the six-pack mindset in you. It’ll take focus and discipline, but we know you are up for the challenge to... Read More >>


Improve your boxing for fitness sessions!

As a fitness professional, you’re probably aware that many clients love putting on some boxing gloves and hitting the... Read More >>


Wearable Devices - The Talk Of The Town But Will They Stick Around?

Fitness monitoring has taken off: our wrists are now decorated with the latest and greatest wearable devices. Steps,... Read More >>


Wear Red AND Workout on February 14 - Support Heart Research Australia


5 Crazy Things You Should Never Say To Your Client article image by PT Academy

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Say To Your Client

Ah the wonderful PT-client relationship, filled with positive talk, motivation, mutual trust and respect. Or so you’d... Read More >>


Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, What's The Difference?

One of the newer ways we are starting to assess someones preparedness to train is by using Heart Rate Variability... Read More >>


TRX Suspension Training, No Injuries, Where's The Evidence

I was very excited recently to see that our friends at the Australian Fitness Network had released an article about... Read More >>

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