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Ten Healthy Snacks Ideas

Good, healthy snacks are just the thing after a hard workout. Not only will they quell that post-sweat hunger, they’re... Read More >>

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What to Eat Before and After Workout

Knowing what to eat before and after a workout is important to seeing good results. You want to fuel your body with the... Read More >>

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Are Food and Exercise Remedies for Mental Health Treatment?

Gut Feeling: How Diet Can Effect Mood Disorders Read More >>


Carbohydrates 101

Carbohydrates. We all love them, but should we leave them? These days it’s hard to find carbohydrates that aren’t... Read More >>


Finding the Right Nutritional Balance For Muscle Building Results

You just finished a great workout. Awesome job! But what’s for dinner? The eternal struggle of balancing weight... Read More >>


4 Power Smoothies to Jumpstart Your Day

Smoothies are an excellent way to consume lots of different nutritional foods that may not fit well into your meal... Read More >>


4 Reasons to Literally “Trust Your Gut”: The Link Between Gut Health and Brain Function

Have you ever had a gut feeling or felt butterflies in your stomach? We experience these sensations when we have a big... Read More >>


The Personal Trainer Life: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Faithful readers of the Personal Training Academy blog will know the last couple of years have seen me go from... Read More >>


Personal Training Tips: Make Macrocycles Work For You and Your Client

Macro-nutrients, also known as Macros, are a hot topic in the fitness world. Did you know there is another type of... Read More >>


The Six-Pack Mindset

Let’s instill the six-pack mindset in you. It’ll take focus and discipline, but we know you are up for the challenge to... Read More >>

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