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A passion for learning, helping and living!

Today's blog is a guest post from Cameron Nell. Cam teaches for Personal Training Academy in NSW. Read More >>


Research shows just how powerful TRX Training is!

A lot of research gets done on human performance. It's fair to say that if you want an answer on how the human body... Read More >>


FORCE yourself to do better!

I was facilitating a course at a big, popular fitness facility a few weekends ago. During a break, I had the misfortune... Read More >>



No, not the thing that fire fighters carry on their trucks (or appliances as they are actually called). Not even the... Read More >>


One word - FUN!

Fun, yes FUN! Just one simple word. That's how most people describe Hyperwear SandBells after they use them. Read More >>


Be happy with a healthy you!

I saw this picture from a gym recently. Read More >>