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TRX Suspension Training, No Injuries, Where's The Evidence

I was very excited recently to see that our friends at the Australian Fitness Network had released an article about... Read More >>


Feets of strength!

Yes - that was a spelling mistake, but it was done on purpose. Let's talk about your feet! Read More >>


Hands Up!

Pop quiz: What structures are involved in EVERY Olympic lift AND most exercises in a gym setting? Read More >>


Keep pulling that face and it’ll get stuck that way!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d pull a face, and someone (usually your mother) would state that if you... Read More >>


A passion for learning, helping and living!

Today's blog is a guest post from Cameron Nell. Cam teaches for Personal Training Academy in NSW. Read More >>



No, not the thing that fire fighters carry on their trucks (or appliances as they are actually called). Not even the... Read More >>


One word - FUN!

Fun, yes FUN! Just one simple word. That's how most people describe Hyperwear SandBells after they use them. Read More >>


Be happy with a healthy you!

I saw this picture from a gym recently. Read More >>

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